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Newsworthy analyserar varje månad prisutveckling och aktivitet på bostadsmarknaden i samtliga kommuner och län baserat på Svensk Mäklarstatistiks statistik.

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Om Newsworthy

Who has developed Newsworthy?

Newsworthy is developed by Jens Finnäs and Leo Wallentin from J++ in close collaboration with Måns Magnusson, Ph.D student in statistic at Linköping University. The project recieved funding from Google Digital News Initative in 2016, but is operated indepedently of larger media organizations.

How often do you send newsleads?

We gather and analyze data as soon as it is published. Some data sources are updated often (for example every month), other less frequently.

How can I use the material?

You are free to user and publish all texts, charts and spreadsheets with explicit attribution to Newsworthy.